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"Against Better Judgement" CD

Image of "Against Better Judgement" CD

$10.00 - On Sale

Rude Boi's Junior release: "Against Better Judgement".

Continuing along the conquest that is life, yet another chapter is written through the eyes of The Legendary Nobody. Life, in its simplistic form, for us all is the same. We want to leave an impact: We Want to be remembered. From the time you first open your eyes, Tha Making of a Legend begins...

For most, they never get to accomplish this goal. May it be a lack of demonstrating self control, or focusing on our goals ahead and setting out to do them... The few, however... Their stories are written in the sands of time for all to see.

Along the journey; Periodically chapters are written. Where the last chapter about picking the Legendary Nobody's life back up and piecing it back together left off.. Against Better Judgement is the tale of what its like to show your cards and put it all out there, regardless of what everything in your right mind tells you to do...

Everyone plays the game different, but what would happen if everyone revealed how they play?

..Why would anyone build a house of glass just to shatter it from the inside?

Against Better Judgement, Rude Boi is about to find out..

1. Against Better Judgement (Feat. DJ Kevon) (Produced By: DJ Kevon)

2. Awe Yea (Produced By: DJ Kevon)

3. Eyes (Feat. Hopsin) (Produced By: DJ Kevon)

4. No Heart (Feat. J. FRiZ & Sin Kattes) (Produced By: DJ Kevon)

5. Luv Shack (Feat. Whitney Magers, Skylar Ohashi) (Produced By: DJ Kevon)

6. Demand Respect V.4 (Feat. Bizzy Bone, Mikey D., St. Patrick, Daniel Black, DJ Kevon) (Produced By: DJ Kevon)

7. Theres This Contest.. (Skit) (Feat. Howard 101's "Miserable Men" Bob Levy, Paul Dellangelo, Ice T, Coco)

8. And We Go.. (Feat. J. Dubbz) (Produced By: Dj Kevon)

9. You Played My Boy Out (Skit) (Feat. Howard 101's "Miserable Men" Bob Levy, Paul Dellangelo, Ice T, Coco)

10. All or Nothing Remix (Feat. Q Strange, Forsaken)

11. I Like More Sinister Sounding Stuff (Skit) (Feat. Howard 101's "Miserable Men" Bob Levy, Paul Dellangelo, Ice T, Coco)

12. Alone in My Head (Feat. Lo Key, Ava Riot)

13. The Freaks Cum Out at Nite (Feat. Bizarre of D12, DJ Kevon) (Produced By: DJ Kevon)

14. Tryina Find Reality (Feat. Malaria, Zero) (Produced By: DJ Kevon)

15. Never Forget (Feat. Andrea M., Mom) (Produced By: DJ Kevon)


Orders ship out on December 30th!